Have a passion for our oceans?

Blu-ee is a non-profit organisation inspiring and equipping people to become marine conservationists.

We want to help ocean lovers harness their passion into positive action through Blue Experiences and Education.

% of large fish gone from our seas

sea birds die a day from pollution

%+ of corals dead from bleaching

tons of plastic put in the ocean an hour

Blu-ee Fest

Join our annual flagship ocean conservation festival. Set on beautiful coastline you will have an opportunity to refresh ocean connecting activities. You will hear inspiring stories from conservationists who are making a difference in all fields. And can attend lectures and workshops to improve your understanding of marine life.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the festival is the opportunity to connect with passionate ocean-minded individuals. In a safe space discussing conservation (beyond just plastic pollution) you will be encouraged to think big and to understand the value you can bring to ocean conservation.

marine life



Behind Blu-ee

Blu-ee was set up by Bex Band and Jenny Hickman. They want to inspire individuals who have a passion for the ocean but don’t yet realise the potential they have to make a difference.

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